Monism in your life

Have you ever heard the word; “Monism?”

Monism means not the oneness, but another notion. That says that everything comes from “you,” contrary to the oneness that everything is connected each other. Monism means that everything is projected from your whole consciousness, and that imply there is no real existence. According to monism, outer world is the illusion. That doesn’t have practical entities.


What if you utilize this concept in your lives?

As I mentioned, your outer world doesn’t have practical entities. However, you easily believe that outer world is real because you can see it anytime you want to see.   Why you can see it anytime you open your eyes?

It’s because you have equations which created your outer world in your brain. Whenever you try to see outer world, your brain create your outer world through that equations and your optical sense perceives outer world after your brain had created it. If you understand this system, you will be able to control outer world.

If you master this ability, you’ll never have troubles in outer world. Do you have interests in it?

Let’s begin the lessons of monism!




Author: guideofmonism

I am an instructor of Fractal psychology. Its program is provided only in Japan. I will share it with you worldwide in English. If you like, please send me some feedback. I really appreciate it.

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