Thoughts Create Reality, 100%! This is Monism.

Chapter 1: Thoughts Create Reality, 100%! Without Exception

This world consists of what things? It is made of the energies of thoughts and everything of form including yourself. Thoughts precede phenomena. Your thoughts come in patterns and create your reality. Just as you use certain cookie cutters to make cookies in certain shapes, if you want a cookie in a different shape, you need to change your cookie cutter.
Then, if you think of good things, good events will happen to you. If you think of a disaster, that will occur as well.

It is easy to accept this rule when everything is going well for you. However, we sometimes feel that things are not going as well as we had hoped. Life often seems full of unexpected misfortunes, and you might complain that your dream didn’t come true despite all your positive thoughts and efforts.

Some people have congenital diseases or disabilities and some grew up being abused by their parents. They understandably feel that bad things are happening although they had never wished for them.

Q: Are there exceptions to the rule that thoughts create reality?
A: No. There is no exception. In any and every case, your thoughts come first. All events stem and grow from the seed of your thoughts one hundred percent. Because of that, we can say that every problem has a solution. This will be a better idea than what you have thought so far.

Q: Why can’t we recognize that thoughts create reality one hundred percent?
A: It is because there is a limit on how much our minds can recognize. When we feel there are events that do not follow the law, it means that our minds fail to grasp the smallest thoughts that emerge in our minds. It is not possible to comprehend the micro thoughts when your mind works at a slow speed. Therefore, when something happens, you end up seeing an event and feeling that you have never thought of that event. Even when unrecognizable, this law of thought preceding reality is working.

So, we need to talk about what is “thought,” to begin with. Some people already know “thoughts create reality,” but we can say that they don’t know yet about thoughts exactly. Next time, let’s begin to talk about the thought.


Author: guideofmonism

I am an instructor of Fractal Psychology®. This theory was born in Japan. I will share it with you worldwide in English. If you like, please send me some feedback. I really appreciate it.

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