The World Around You is Your Projection

We are sharing the TAW Fractal psychology, Master Course Program. Today, we are going to study chapter 2.



What are the “thoughts” when I say that thoughts create reality? To begin with, they mean the workings of whole consciousness. The whole consciousness consists of two parts; the surface conscious and the deep conscious (furthermore, the deep conscious is divided in three parts).

Let me explain this with an example of an iceberg.
As you know, only a small portion of an iceberg is visible above the water and the majority of it is underwater. Sailors must pay attention to the underwater portion for a ship to sail safely. It is potentially dangerous if attention is only given to what is visible.

Let me use this analogy to our minds. The tip of an iceberg is the surface conscious and the underwater part is the deep conscious. Let’s say that the visible part is less than five percent of the iceberg, which is the surface conscious; the rest of it, over 95 percent, is under the water in the realm of the deep conscious.

What does this mean? The existence of self equals the entire iceberg, but one usually recognizes the only visible five percent as the whole self. It means that you can recognize only the tiniest portion of your thoughts, and there is a large part, 95 percent of thoughts that occur automatically, without your awareness. It is not an exaggeration to say that a person’s deep conscious controls his/her life. Just as with an iceberg, it can be truly dangerous if he/she pays attention to only what is visible. The visible part and invisible part coexist as they affect each other.


Author: guideofmonism

I am an instructor of Fractal Psychology®. This theory was born in Japan. I will share it with you worldwide in English. If you like, please send me some feedback. I really appreciate it.

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