Is the Operating System of Your Brain Updated?

Basic Lecture 2: What is Inner Child

Chapter 1: Definition of Inner Child

Our daily thoughts, feelings and actions are based on some certain patterns which have already been predetermined. This resembles a computer’s operating system. The patterns were created at the initial stage of life. Fractal Psychology deems this period as from birth to the age of six. The operating system is a very important foundation because the new mind grows on top of it, just as new branches and leaves grow from a tree trunk. It needs to be fully functional and compatible in order for new software to work with it. If the operating system is old and outdated, new software, however advanced it may be, will not operate with it.

The operating system created in your childhood consists of your thoughts toward your family. You have been always employing this old OS to recognize the society at large. In brief, your viewpoint of your parents is reflected in your opinion about society, your company, your boss and politicians. Your perspective on your siblings is manifested in friends and coworkers.

Our minds are naturally meant to grow and develop each day. The growth and development of the mind allows you to have wider views, understand and acknowledge the feelings of others and be in harmony with people around you. It also enables you to create new works which you could not do before, expand your range of activities, and achieve even more.

At adolescence, your mind experiences a rapid growth. A new mind is born and growing inside the old one. This state of mixed mind is called “inner adult,” as the old mind still exists in a larger quantity than the new mind at this point. In this state, you feel like you have grown up. You also feel superior, and you might sometimes belittle your parents. Eventually your new mind grows more and occupies a larger part in the mixed mind, and it covers over your child part. This covered part becomes your “Inner Child.” This is a common state, when a person’s mind grows normally.

However, there remains part of the human psyche that does not grow despite the passage of time. This portion remains to retain the limited perspectives and experiences of a child. This is the Inner Child (the old part of the brain) that we are now attempting to modify.
Inner Child can be uncontrollable as it reacts to things more emotionally than logically, and that creates problems.

Only those with more adult mind than child mind can modify their Inner Child. For those with more child than adult brain, it becomes necessary to have external help to make modifications in their Inner Child. In these situations, you visualize an ideal mother figure and imagine that your mother comforts and heals you. Yet, this is only a consolation and not a true modification of your Inner Child.



Author: guideofmonism

I am an instructor of Fractal Psychology®. This theory was born in Japan. I will share it with you worldwide in English. If you like, please send me some feedback. I really appreciate it.

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