You Are Writing Your Scenario

Chapter 10 You Are Writing Your Scenario

If your thoughts are materialized, the world which you perceive should be the materialization of your thoughts. How wide is the range of your materialization? The world is the projection of your thoughts. Everything you perceive is the materialization of all your thoughts.
In conventional psychology, they say there is a system of projection (transference). Some people project their thoughts about their parents onto others. Psychologists believe that when those people do not project their belief onto others, those others will exhibit their own original personalities. However, if that is the case, we need to admit that there is an exception in “Thoughts Create Reality, 100%.” We, Fractal Psychologists, do not think in such a way. We believe that we cannot see any personality which is not projected. This means everything we see is the projection of our thoughts, in 360 degrees. We call it “Perfect Projection World.”

Imagine it as a movie in order to understand it more. We explain inner world (thoughts) and outer world (phenomena) as the relationship between a film and a movie screen. The lights which create the image is the energy of this world. The lights project through the film, and create images on the screen. This is the World. The film is situated in your mind, so you cannot create something which you do not have in your mind. You certainly wrote your scenario. How the story goes depends on your scenario. If you really understand “Thoughts Create Reality,” you will find you cannot experience anything which you did not write on your scenario.

Q1. You watched the following movies. Which movie intrigues you?

1. A movie of a man who has been raised in a mediocre family succeeds in obtaining fabulous glory, utilizing an innate special talent.

2. A movie of a man who has been bullied for many years by his step mother after his mother died, succeeds in obtaining fabulous glory, utilizing an innate special talent.

Q2. If you are a woman, which man from the two movies above do you think you marry?
If you are thinking to become friends with one of them, which man would you choose?


Author: guideofmonism

I am an instructor of Fractal Psychology®. This theory was born in Japan. I will share it with you worldwide in English. If you like, please send me some feedback. I really appreciate it.

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