This blog is provided to share Fractal psychology. Fractal psychology was created in Japan, 2007. It has been already expanded well in Japan, still it is unknown in the world out of Japan. You can learn Fractal Psychology on this blog, and at the end, you will understand what is monism. That will bring you a sense of enlightenment. Then, you will be able to control your world by yourself, because your world is created by your thoughts.

The founder, Mau Isshiki created two theories. One is Fractal psychology, the other is Fractal phenomenology. Fractal psychology is not based on conventional psychology, but based on Fractal phenomenology. Those two theories are called in one word, as TAW, an acronym of “Theory of an Advanced World.”

You can see the videos of Fractal phenomenology, “Dr. Cosmo” series on YouTube. When you have some questions on TAW, you can contact Mau Isshiki on FaceBook. Please search her as Mau Isshiki on FB. Or, you can find e-mail address to her office in this site:




For more videos, please search “Mau Isshiki” on YouTube. You can see “Dr. Cosmo” up to Eighth video.


Mau Isshiki; Founder of TAW, in Los Angeles, USA.