Chapter 3: Blame Stems From Oblivion

When you feel there is a problem in life, you cannot accept your reality. It is when the surface conscious fails to acknowledge the deep conscious. You cannot recognize that your thoughts have created your entire reality.

Nonetheless, your reality, everything that exists in your world, is a complete reflection of your thoughts. Everything is your creation with no exception. There are few people, if any, who fully understand and accept this law. Many feel that this is applicable to certain things but not to every single event, and will start to doubt that law.

This feeling of doubt indeed comes from the fact that you recognize only five percent of your conscious as your entire self. It is just as if you believe that you know the entire iceberg by looking at only its top. Parts of the deep conscious were formerly the surface conscious. Just like the stratum, thoughts get piled up on each other and the surface conscious is pushed down to become the deep conscious. It can be said that the surface conscious is relatively new consciousness and the deep conscious is relatively old. The old consciousness has amounted to a larger quantity and it works on an autopilot mode. People forget in time about the existence of the old, piled up thoughts.

It takes time for thoughts to manifest themselves in reality. Therefore, the current reality is created from the accumulated old thoughts in the domain of the deep conscious that has been long forgotten. This oblivion brings us suffering and affliction. It also makes us to feel there are such things as miracles, mysteries, and acts of god, as we forget that our thoughts have created our realities and we lose control of our lives.

The World Around You is Your Projection

We are sharing the TAW Fractal psychology, Master Course Program. Today, we are going to study chapter 2.



What are the “thoughts” when I say that thoughts create reality? To begin with, they mean the workings of whole consciousness. The whole consciousness consists of two parts; the surface conscious and the deep conscious (furthermore, the deep conscious is divided in three parts).

Let me explain this with an example of an iceberg.
As you know, only a small portion of an iceberg is visible above the water and the majority of it is underwater. Sailors must pay attention to the underwater portion for a ship to sail safely. It is potentially dangerous if attention is only given to what is visible.

Let me use this analogy to our minds. The tip of an iceberg is the surface conscious and the underwater part is the deep conscious. Let’s say that the visible part is less than five percent of the iceberg, which is the surface conscious; the rest of it, over 95 percent, is under the water in the realm of the deep conscious.

What does this mean? The existence of self equals the entire iceberg, but one usually recognizes the only visible five percent as the whole self. It means that you can recognize only the tiniest portion of your thoughts, and there is a large part, 95 percent of thoughts that occur automatically, without your awareness. It is not an exaggeration to say that a person’s deep conscious controls his/her life. Just as with an iceberg, it can be truly dangerous if he/she pays attention to only what is visible. The visible part and invisible part coexist as they affect each other.


Thoughts Create Reality, 100%! This is Monism.

Chapter 1: Thoughts Create Reality, 100%! Without Exception

This world consists of what things? It is made of the energies of thoughts and everything of form including yourself. Thoughts precede phenomena. Your thoughts come in patterns and create your reality. Just as you use certain cookie cutters to make cookies in certain shapes, if you want a cookie in a different shape, you need to change your cookie cutter.
Then, if you think of good things, good events will happen to you. If you think of a disaster, that will occur as well.

It is easy to accept this rule when everything is going well for you. However, we sometimes feel that things are not going as well as we had hoped. Life often seems full of unexpected misfortunes, and you might complain that your dream didn’t come true despite all your positive thoughts and efforts.

Some people have congenital diseases or disabilities and some grew up being abused by their parents. They understandably feel that bad things are happening although they had never wished for them.

Q: Are there exceptions to the rule that thoughts create reality?
A: No. There is no exception. In any and every case, your thoughts come first. All events stem and grow from the seed of your thoughts one hundred percent. Because of that, we can say that every problem has a solution. This will be a better idea than what you have thought so far.

Q: Why can’t we recognize that thoughts create reality one hundred percent?
A: It is because there is a limit on how much our minds can recognize. When we feel there are events that do not follow the law, it means that our minds fail to grasp the smallest thoughts that emerge in our minds. It is not possible to comprehend the micro thoughts when your mind works at a slow speed. Therefore, when something happens, you end up seeing an event and feeling that you have never thought of that event. Even when unrecognizable, this law of thought preceding reality is working.

So, we need to talk about what is “thought,” to begin with. Some people already know “thoughts create reality,” but we can say that they don’t know yet about thoughts exactly. Next time, let’s begin to talk about the thought.


What do you feel about this world?

Before we get started the lecture of Fractal Psychology, let us see your present standing points (What you are thinking now). Answer the questions below.

[Pre-lecture worksheet]

1. List the negative events that you believe were not caused by your thoughts. Did you experience these events personally? If not, from whom did you learn of these events?

2. How well do you know yourself? What is the percentage? Do you usually think that you know yourself best?

3. List the positive events that you don’t believe you are responsible for in your life? List, if any, the things that you consider the acts of god and spirits, miracles or the blessings of god in your life.

4. What would be the benefits, if any, if you became insolvent and poor?

5.Imagine your phone rings at midnight. Before answering it, what comes to your mind: Is it from your parents or a friend? Could it be work-related? A prank call? Write down what you think it is for and from whom.

6. Which one of these two cases do you think is more aggressive?

a: A daughter who talks back at her father and looks down on him every day.
b: A father who hits his daughter once a year.

7. By whose will is it that you were born? Parents’/God’s/Self’s

8. When you say, “My mother did (or didn’t)…all the time,” how often did the event actually occur? Write down only the details that you clearly remember.

“My mother never listened to me.” → How many scenes do you actually
remember of this occurrence in your memories?
My mother always________________________.
How many scenes?___________

Did you answer all the questions?  This is your starting point. Let’s begin the lecture!

By Mau Isshiki

Monism in Your Life

We’ll share with you Fractal psychology based on monism.

Fractal Psychology Master Course
Fractal Psychology is based on monism. This main program; “Fractal Psychology Master Course” consists of six parts and it takes 19 days if you attend real classes. However, you don’t need to come to the classrooms, and you can learn it at your home by learning on this blogs.

Introductory Class: “Thoughts Create Reality”



Welcome to the Introductory Level of the Fractal Psychology Master Course. I sincerely congratulate you as you stand at the door to the truth of life, ready to embark on this life-changing journey.
“Thoughts create reality, one hundred percent, without exceptions.”

This is the truth of life. This world is made from what you think without any exceptions. It is your thoughts that have created your world.You’ll learn to see your thoughts  and their patterns in the Fractal Psychology Master Course from the Introductory to the Intermediate Levels. It is very important to know this because your thoughts and thinking patterns determine your world.
Life is not “suffering”. There is no destiny and no karma in life. Your thoughts are what shapes your life.Why, then, haven’t you noticed this yet? It is because your consciousness fails to capture the deepest part of the mind. What will happen if you acquire the ability to perceive it? It will be as if you had in your hand a map of your life.
This program will allow you to see the mechanism of how life unfolds. You’ll be able to understand the meaning of your life’s events. You’ll be able to lead a fulfilling life, with meaning and purpose. This is exactly the aim of the program, up to the intermediate level.
In the first three levels of the program, you’ll learn thoroughly how your thoughts manifest in your reality.

Fractal Psychology is based on the premise that the world is made of fractal structures created by your thoughts. Some of you may know that you are the creators of your own lives. Are you, really? It is usually the case that you are not able to apply it fully in reality. Why not, then?
It is because people fail to understand this rule in a true sense. Many people entertain the idea of positive thinking and do not apply the method to their own situations. Sometimes it is difficult to believe this law, that thoughts create reality one hundred percent, and you find yourself wanting to refute it. There are circumstances that do not seem to fit the bill, such as accidents, disasters, diseases, congenital disabilities or unfortunate environments.

If you treat these as exceptions to the rule, you will feel that things like destiny, fate or unrealized wishes exist. You will say, “How can I be responsible for all this?”
If you make an exception, the law does not stand as such, and you cannot use it.

It may be scary to know that you create everything in your life, whatever it may be. However, it is the purpose of this program to enjoy exploring and learning the rule.

The experiences of others are perceived and defined by an observer that is you. The observer is the one that gives meaning to them: “She is happy,“ or “ He is unlucky.” In other words, you define and determine fortunes and misfortunes of the world. Nothing is more important than to examine your thinking first.

We will start by investigating what you are thinking and knowing the patterns of your
thoughts. You will start noticing that things go well in your life once you liberate your mind and thoughts. You CAN create the life you wish to create.
Let us begin the journey!

By Mau Isshiki


Monism in your life

Have you ever heard the word; “Monism?”

Monism means not the oneness, but another notion. That says that everything comes from “you,” contrary to the oneness that everything is connected each other. Monism means that everything is projected from your whole consciousness, and that imply there is no real existence. According to monism, outer world is the illusion. That doesn’t have practical entities.


What if you utilize this concept in your lives?

As I mentioned, your outer world doesn’t have practical entities. However, you easily believe that outer world is real because you can see it anytime you want to see.   Why you can see it anytime you open your eyes?

It’s because you have equations which created your outer world in your brain. Whenever you try to see outer world, your brain create your outer world through that equations and your optical sense perceives outer world after your brain had created it. If you understand this system, you will be able to control outer world.

If you master this ability, you’ll never have troubles in outer world. Do you have interests in it?

Let’s begin the lessons of monism!