You Are Writing Your Scenario

Chapter 10 You Are Writing Your Scenario

If your thoughts are materialized, the world which you perceive should be the materialization of your thoughts. How wide is the range of your materialization? The world is the projection of your thoughts. Everything you perceive is the materialization of all your thoughts.
In conventional psychology, they say there is a system of projection (transference). Some people project their thoughts about their parents onto others. Psychologists believe that when those people do not project their belief onto others, those others will exhibit their own original personalities. However, if that is the case, we need to admit that there is an exception in “Thoughts Create Reality, 100%.” We, Fractal Psychologists, do not think in such a way. We believe that we cannot see any personality which is not projected. This means everything we see is the projection of our thoughts, in 360 degrees. We call it “Perfect Projection World.”

Imagine it as a movie in order to understand it more. We explain inner world (thoughts) and outer world (phenomena) as the relationship between a film and a movie screen. The lights which create the image is the energy of this world. The lights project through the film, and create images on the screen. This is the World. The film is situated in your mind, so you cannot create something which you do not have in your mind. You certainly wrote your scenario. How the story goes depends on your scenario. If you really understand “Thoughts Create Reality,” you will find you cannot experience anything which you did not write on your scenario.

Q1. You watched the following movies. Which movie intrigues you?

1. A movie of a man who has been raised in a mediocre family succeeds in obtaining fabulous glory, utilizing an innate special talent.

2. A movie of a man who has been bullied for many years by his step mother after his mother died, succeeds in obtaining fabulous glory, utilizing an innate special talent.

Q2. If you are a woman, which man from the two movies above do you think you marry?
If you are thinking to become friends with one of them, which man would you choose?


You Forget Your Initial Intentions of Being Ill

10. We Only Choose Benefits and Advantages

There is an sequence to follow, in order to gain a deep understanding the law, “Thoughts create reality.” To begin with, you must exclude the events that happened to other people. You need to examine only what happened to you, not what happened to others.
This principle must be followed in order to fully understand the law, “Thoughts create reality.” If you have a victim mentality, it is difficult to examine tragic events that you watch on TV news, putting aside your emotional feelings.

Every life strives to have a better environment. Therefore, a man only chooses whatever benefits him. Then, why are there those who choose and create sickness or bullying? We are sure that nobody wants to experience pain and suffering. However, if you experience those miseries, that means that you have thought of them at the level of deep conscious. You are writing those events into your screenplays.

When you are experiencing sufferings in your reality, you must find its seed (initial intention) to change the reality. Otherwise, the same result will continue to be produced because the same seed is automatically sown. For example, the seed of illness might have been your wish to let you off from work, to make someone treat you better, or to make someone apologize to you. The illness that was initially just a method to make your wish come true, became the purpose itself.
You forget your initial intentions (those are the purpose of your life), so you are apt to feel that you are a victim of your destiny, believing that you had not intended those events. But your initial intention is the origin, or the seed for creating your reality. The reality is the fruit of the seed.

If you are experiencing bullying, like horrible treatment from your boss, your initial intention may be to prove your perseverance. If you think, “I’ve struggled alone and worked hard despite of my boss’s bullying,” it might sound as if you are a better person, and it would give you some kinds of self-fulfillment. Making your boss a bad person naturally makes you a better and righteous person. In fact, your bully boss is just a projection of your deep conscious. This reveals that you are also a bully in your deep conscious. For the payment of concealing this fact, you end up experiencing being bullied.

Regardless of what your current reality is, let’s consider that your current reality would have had benefits at the beginning. By observing your present benefits, you can find your initial intention. And then, you can modify it and release yourself from hardships.

Is the Operating System of Your Brain Updated?

Basic Lecture 2: What is Inner Child

Chapter 1: Definition of Inner Child

Our daily thoughts, feelings and actions are based on some certain patterns which have already been predetermined. This resembles a computer’s operating system. The patterns were created at the initial stage of life. Fractal Psychology deems this period as from birth to the age of six. The operating system is a very important foundation because the new mind grows on top of it, just as new branches and leaves grow from a tree trunk. It needs to be fully functional and compatible in order for new software to work with it. If the operating system is old and outdated, new software, however advanced it may be, will not operate with it.

The operating system created in your childhood consists of your thoughts toward your family. You have been always employing this old OS to recognize the society at large. In brief, your viewpoint of your parents is reflected in your opinion about society, your company, your boss and politicians. Your perspective on your siblings is manifested in friends and coworkers.

Our minds are naturally meant to grow and develop each day. The growth and development of the mind allows you to have wider views, understand and acknowledge the feelings of others and be in harmony with people around you. It also enables you to create new works which you could not do before, expand your range of activities, and achieve even more.

At adolescence, your mind experiences a rapid growth. A new mind is born and growing inside the old one. This state of mixed mind is called “inner adult,” as the old mind still exists in a larger quantity than the new mind at this point. In this state, you feel like you have grown up. You also feel superior, and you might sometimes belittle your parents. Eventually your new mind grows more and occupies a larger part in the mixed mind, and it covers over your child part. This covered part becomes your “Inner Child.” This is a common state, when a person’s mind grows normally.

However, there remains part of the human psyche that does not grow despite the passage of time. This portion remains to retain the limited perspectives and experiences of a child. This is the Inner Child (the old part of the brain) that we are now attempting to modify.
Inner Child can be uncontrollable as it reacts to things more emotionally than logically, and that creates problems.

Only those with more adult mind than child mind can modify their Inner Child. For those with more child than adult brain, it becomes necessary to have external help to make modifications in their Inner Child. In these situations, you visualize an ideal mother figure and imagine that your mother comforts and heals you. Yet, this is only a consolation and not a true modification of your Inner Child.



The Past Exists at the Present Time

Chapter 9: Time Moves From the Present to the Past and the Future

Somebody said, “I did not have many complaints about my parents while growing up, but I realized as an adult that I could not do much in society. My parents haven’t taught me anything at all. Isn’t that terrible of them?”

Initially, she considered that her parents were great parents. However, she wanted to put blame on somebody else for her present incompetence, so she reasoned that they have taught her nothing. Then she started to see that her parents were actually bad. In this case, she should have made more of an effort in learning and building skills rather than making excuses. This admission would be shameful instead, and would take too much effort for her, so she blames the laziness of her parents and escapes from her responsibilities and obligations.

As you can see from the above example, your intentions have much to do with how you perceive your reality. This example shows that the current intention changed the meaning of past events. It illustrates that time does not flow from the past to the present in a linear-fashion. The present is not a result of a cause in the past.You may say that you cannot do anything about your current situations or reality because of some past events or karma, but you are simply making excuses because you do not want to be responsible and accountable for your present reality.

In the above example, a few decades separate the past event and the present intention. Yet, something that happened just now becomes immediately part of the past, and is interpreted by your present intention when you experience it. With different intentions, an event that was considered a negative may turn into a positive.

After all, the past only exists in your consciousness at the present time. Facts do not exist at all, and the past is remembered based on how you interpret it at the present time.
Nobody memorizes every single thing in his/her past. We only memorize part of an event by intentionally choosing what we want to memorize. Even if a person memorizes his parents as abusive, they may have been nice ninety-eight percent of the time and abusive only two percent of the time. He may have chosen to memorize the two percent and replayed the scene over and over in his mind. He had an intention in the past that served as criteria of what to memorize, but that intention still remains in the current him. How we interpret the past is determined by the present.

His past will change drastically if he reviews it, and concludes that the two percent of his memories of abuse was actually discipline for his selfish actions by his parents, and the other ninety-eight percent of his memories that he ignored are their true love. Thus, the TAW program helps you to rewrite your past considerably.



Results Are Purposes

Chapter 4: Results Are Purposes

How can we know what our deep conscious holds? There is no doubt that everyone would like to create a desired reality by knowing what is in our deep conscious. It is actually not difficult to learn this. All you have to do is just observe the reality that you are experiencing now.

Accumulated thoughts that exceed a certain amount will create your reality someday. Whatever you have presently, be it your body, job, family, or environment, is a result of your thoughts in the past. If there is something that you have desired for a long time, but have not realized yet, it means that you actually do not wish for it at the deep conscious level. Or, the desire could be relatively new, so your thoughts have not accumulated enough in the deep domain.

On the other hand, if you are very sad having lost something or someone, that loss is interpreted as no longer necessary for you in the deepest level of your consciousness.
Here is an example; someone lost his mother when he was still young. Applying the rule, “Results are purposes,” it means that he did not need her. On the outer-layer level, he would say that he never wished for his mother’s death. However, the occurrence of the death signifies that he has accumulated enough thoughts that he did not need her. He would not admit this on the surface conscious.

It is impossible to explain all events and circumstances of the present by observing only the surface conscious. This inexplicable part is actually in the domain of the deep conscious. Results are purposes. The results you are having now are what you have wished. Firstly, you must accept what your past thoughts are by observing your present reality, without making any excuses.

Once you understand that thoughts create reality, you can examine your own deep conscious from everything existing in your reality. You’ll be able to gain an ability to acquire new things by concentrating your thoughts on them. You will start realizing that luck and misfortune are a result of your deepest desire, of which you are unaware. It becomes possible to detect unnecessary thoughts that thwart you.



The World Around You is Your Projection

We are sharing the TAW Fractal psychology, Master Course Program. Today, we are going to study chapter 2.



What are the “thoughts” when I say that thoughts create reality? To begin with, they mean the workings of whole consciousness. The whole consciousness consists of two parts; the surface conscious and the deep conscious (furthermore, the deep conscious is divided in three parts).

Let me explain this with an example of an iceberg.
As you know, only a small portion of an iceberg is visible above the water and the majority of it is underwater. Sailors must pay attention to the underwater portion for a ship to sail safely. It is potentially dangerous if attention is only given to what is visible.

Let me use this analogy to our minds. The tip of an iceberg is the surface conscious and the underwater part is the deep conscious. Let’s say that the visible part is less than five percent of the iceberg, which is the surface conscious; the rest of it, over 95 percent, is under the water in the realm of the deep conscious.

What does this mean? The existence of self equals the entire iceberg, but one usually recognizes the only visible five percent as the whole self. It means that you can recognize only the tiniest portion of your thoughts, and there is a large part, 95 percent of thoughts that occur automatically, without your awareness. It is not an exaggeration to say that a person’s deep conscious controls his/her life. Just as with an iceberg, it can be truly dangerous if he/she pays attention to only what is visible. The visible part and invisible part coexist as they affect each other.


Thoughts Create Reality, 100%! This is Monism.

Chapter 1: Thoughts Create Reality, 100%! Without Exception

This world consists of what things? It is made of the energies of thoughts and everything of form including yourself. Thoughts precede phenomena. Your thoughts come in patterns and create your reality. Just as you use certain cookie cutters to make cookies in certain shapes, if you want a cookie in a different shape, you need to change your cookie cutter.
Then, if you think of good things, good events will happen to you. If you think of a disaster, that will occur as well.

It is easy to accept this rule when everything is going well for you. However, we sometimes feel that things are not going as well as we had hoped. Life often seems full of unexpected misfortunes, and you might complain that your dream didn’t come true despite all your positive thoughts and efforts.

Some people have congenital diseases or disabilities and some grew up being abused by their parents. They understandably feel that bad things are happening although they had never wished for them.

Q: Are there exceptions to the rule that thoughts create reality?
A: No. There is no exception. In any and every case, your thoughts come first. All events stem and grow from the seed of your thoughts one hundred percent. Because of that, we can say that every problem has a solution. This will be a better idea than what you have thought so far.

Q: Why can’t we recognize that thoughts create reality one hundred percent?
A: It is because there is a limit on how much our minds can recognize. When we feel there are events that do not follow the law, it means that our minds fail to grasp the smallest thoughts that emerge in our minds. It is not possible to comprehend the micro thoughts when your mind works at a slow speed. Therefore, when something happens, you end up seeing an event and feeling that you have never thought of that event. Even when unrecognizable, this law of thought preceding reality is working.

So, we need to talk about what is “thought,” to begin with. Some people already know “thoughts create reality,” but we can say that they don’t know yet about thoughts exactly. Next time, let’s begin to talk about the thought.